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Elanex Translation API is a RESTful programming interface to our on-demand translation service expressIt. expressIt AI workflow and project management technology connects specialist translators and editors into a seamless, 24x7 fully-automated professional translation system.

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Browse API documentation. Each resource and its properties are fully documented with descriptions, constraints, and response samples.

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Built with developer in mind, the Elanex API follows RESTful design principles using, human readable JSON format for data exchange. Connect your app and order professional human translation in minutes thanks to a simple, no-coding-required authentication mechanism.

Know exactly when your translation is ready with webhooks. No polling. No phone calls. No emails. Just professional translation on demand.

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We keep your data secure in transit by accepting API calls over HTTPS only. At rest our databases and file storage are encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption, one of the strongest block ciphers available.

We routinely scan API for vulnerabilities and conduct penetration testing to ensure the safety of your data.

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Whether you need to translate a single document into one language or hundreds of documents into forty languages — we have you covered. Our automated production platform and network of 36,000 translators and editors are proven to meet any demand.


Query, filter, and sort using expressive OData syntax. With OData you can ask your data questions like: "How many completed translation projects do I have where source language is Spanish?".

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